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United Way of North Talladega County
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About United Way

How it all began....

In 1887, a Denver woman, a priest, two ministers and a rabbi recognized the need for cooperative action to address their city’s welfare problems.

Frances Wisebart Jacobs, the Rev. Myron W. Reed, Msgr. William J. O’Ryan, Dean H. Martyn Hart and Rabbi William S. Friedman put their heads together to plan the first united campaign for ten health and welfare agencies.

127 Years Ago....

They created an organization to serve as an agent to collect funds for local charities, as well as to coordinate relief services, counsel and refer clients to cooperating agencies, and make emergency assistance grants in cases which could not be referred.

That year, Denver raised $21,700 and created a movement that would spread throughout the country to become the United Way.

This is why we are here today!

To manage the fundraising for our 20 non-profit agencies in the Northern Talladega County Area so they can concentrate on the people who need them.

Where the money goes …

Yes, the Talladega County United Way pays dues to the National Headquarters

Yes, the Talladega County United Way pays for a part-time employee who handles the administration, clerical and distribution of funds collected

But, that still leaves 98% of the funds that goes directly to the 20 (twenty) non-profit agencies and thereby helping people in our community.

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